Southampton Outfitters
Southampton Outfitters is located in Southampton County, Virginia, where we have over 5,000 acres of
land for deer hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, gun hunting, and dove hunting. Our goal is to provide our
guests with enjoyable well managed hunts with a high rate of success, while maintaining the highest degree
of safety possible. When the hunt is done, we want to provide you with a place to kickback and relax. Our
comfortable lodge allows you to do just that and when its time for food and drink, it is all family style and all
you can eat.
The land you hunt has been farmed by our
family for over 100 years and has been
managed for its wildlife, timber, and crops.
Deer hunting, turkey hunting, and dove
hunting have long been local traditions and
more recently bow hunting is fast becoming
a tradition. With specific emphasis placed on
wildlife management, there are many food
plots maintained around the farm, which
provide excellent nutrition for the deer herds
as well as keep the population close to the
hunters. This makes for great VA deer
The crops that we commercially grow
also attract the deer to the land and help
maintain their nutritional balance. Mineral
blocks are also strategically placed
around the farm by out hunting guides for
the essential minerals and vitamins
needed by the deer and other wildlife.
The game you hunt includes a whitetail
population that is second to none
anywhere in the United States. In
Virginia, Southampton County boasts
one of the highest amounts of harvested
deer per square mile in the entire
southeast. We also employ quality
wildlife management with regulated
annual harvest and constant
improvement to the habitat. This should
make for a great deer hunting trips.
Click  here for Southampton
County deer harvest for the past
10 years
Mark Pope
12583 Cedar View Rd
Drewryville, VA 23844
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